How much does this cost?

Jesus, slow down. Let’s get to know each other first. Why don’t you ask us about our likes and dislikes? And what our favorite movies are and…


How much does this cost?

Starts around $7500 and goes up from there, but we’ll pitch you a bunch of ideas of varying complexity based on your own wants, needs and a variety of budgets. We’ve done these for 5K and we’ve done these for 75K and can come up with ideas that will look good and your friends will love for whatever your budget is.


What’s the process?

First, we chat. We find out what you’re looking for. What rating you want this video to be (PG? PG-13? R?). Which family members you want in it. Is it live-action or animated? Are we talking about a single shoot date or something more complex? What’s your ideal length?

Then we pitch our top 3-5 ideas. You hear one you like, you give us the greenlight and we get to work producing your video with the same energy we use when we’re hired by NASA, 3M, National Geographic, Unilever, General Mills or Hyatt (all of whom we’ve worked for.)


Are you also videographers?

YES! And we can shoot your wedding. your bar mitzvah, your anniversary or any other event you want recorded and edit it into an incredible, unique video experience.

But you DO NOT WANT TO HIRE US IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. If you’re bringing us in, it’s because you want the best, hilarious, rewatchable video content from your event that is gonna make your friends pee their pants laughing, not because you expect the same old shit you’d get from everyone else.


Where are you located?

Stephen is in New York. Joel is in Los Angeles. We work everywhere.